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  • examing the Principle of Simplicity
    • Ludwig (no login)
      Posted Nov 3, 2005 11:07 AM

      The KISS-Principle. An examination .....(co read and re-edited online)

      Every time has its heroes – I believe it were the British who invented to make the decade-counting-method a tool (rule) in intelligence.
      A decade can start any time and lasts for 10 years. It is usually “invented” kicking off a ball,
      – lucid minds are then hired to keep the ball “in the air for ten years” – sometimes a
      Rock-Legend (hitmaker) is set aside giving it a tune. One never knows who it is, but Robbie Williams (ex-army staff) could be such a one. Not all lyrics matter, but some do.
      So the Sixties ended, when the Seventies started, etc. And as we know for some religions the Sexties prevail and the release of some documents can be read as Re-lease.
      What where the Sexties ? They succeeded the Fifties, when OTAN (NATO) was created and as we all know today it is “One of the most successfull organisations around”, where the gathering of particular people is made possible (and impossible).

      Another thing one has to know is that it was created while the world was an Atlas Shrugged.
      This term deserves more attention and IF God allows it to happen, I am going to let more
      thoughts flow over that later on.
      Where is it based ? No one really knows. Who (which states) where among the founding members ? According to Atlas Shrugged, you could possibly not tell, unless Apocalypse Now becomes reality.
      UK was present, but was Great Britain ? May be half of it. The other half was busy in other areas, decoding and deciphering the world. Life was good then. One Pound Stirling valued 6 Dollars. God had chosen its country. Was there a secret deal ? Of course not, stupid !
      After the glorious victory in 1944 and 1945, when reckless soldiers landed there armoured vehicles in Normany, after having channelled there way through decade of wars.
      60 years have passed and despite all rumours those who knew kept silent about the creation
      secret titles of the emerging war-lords: Earl Angel Van Dam, from Veracruz and Dame C. Miller Lastlaugh where still too small then to know their fate. (doomed for each other ?)
      Today we see a different picture: One standing accused for what the other could not prevent.

      The KISS-principle stands for “Keep It Simple + Stupid” while some prefer to give it a different approach and substituting the + by a comma. Reading “Keep It Simple, Stupid”
      We all know the taunting of jewish rabbies, when commanding: “It´s the economy, stupid”. As we know the jewish world is set into spheres and a story made of parables, not so simple at all. But modern jews like to keep it simple, after admitting that “If there ever was a god, then he died in the holocaust “. So life is quiet simple as this:
      Two Sides Of The Coin to choose from. A two-dimensioned world.
      Then came Einstein (enlightenend by god) , and added other dimensions, of which potentially everyone can profit.( remember the 60´s brought us Cubism in architecture)
      Not so in the jewish world: goyims are all offered only one or the other side and forced to choose. Behind closed doors jews love to gamble words, numbers and most of all faces, though they would never admit….
      Back to politics and news. Katrina came like a weapon and hit the Gulf- Coast. Two horrible days passed until we saw the whole dimension of this attack by Air and Water. SHOCK and AWE came to my mind again !
      How could this happen ? Was someone “riding on the wind” ?
      If I were a letter-day-saint, I´d read it different. I´d put myself standing in the heart of U.S. and count the century to 19/84. While doing so I reach ´72, 12 letters missing.
      How to get them back without embracing my enemy ? One way is to speak to the enemy of my enemy and POW ! There they are: the missing 12 letters to reach 1984 –Orwell State !
      But my enemy knew . He received a warning written in a dialect some years back. Quoting to be “such a miserable dealer that he had to buy back what he once owned. Or was it just a mind game ? According to sources …. “The race was started a new, opening the Blame Game. What could it mean ? Is it for the good or for evil ?
      These days we are to witness among other events an unparalled gesture, when Dame C. Miller Lastlaugh and her C.A. Count Carlisle from British Midlands , riding on the wind to American soil, are making the news. No Mum to give shelter, this is a new kind of atmosphere of modern Judaism, following the principle of Keeping It Simple, stupid.

      What will we see after a 26 Billion Amount invested vice versa in mutual trust has been made public from to beef up the economy ?
      A New Deal without Roosevelt ? In the name of Josip Stalin, Tito or Goebel ?
      Or will there be a commitment to help restoring the French Quarter in New Orleans from
      This Great Nation, after handing over those Love Letters to Lord Warleasle in Parker Avenue (Aye, Aye to Sir Norman for fostering us)
      Of course the French Quarter needs a restauration after being vandalised over years.
      But must it really be this way ?

      Adam & Eva Price
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