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Thank You CIHL Fans

December 7 2009 at 3:26 PM
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Hazelton is Hockeyville 2010  (Login HazeHockeyville)
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I just thought I would take this opportunity to say how proud I am to be from the North and a part of the CIHL communities. Thank you to all of you who have pledged your support to Hazelton. The Hazelton Hockeyville Committee has been working very hard to promote our run for this title and have received such a wonderful response so far, but as you can imagine, this is not something we can accomplish on our own. We are competing against cities with populations reaching the hundred thousands all across Canada. Our town may be small and our arena has seen better days, but you have renewed so much hope with the initiative that you have taken without even being asked. I'm not sure who HIJK is but thank you so much for starting your Hockeyville thread. We are currently leading BC in stories and fourth in Canada!!!

I understand that there may be people out there who do not want to support us because they don't like our Wolverines and as a fan, I would like to appologize for some of the player conduct on and off the ice,  but I must assure you that our main concern as mothers, sisters, and aunts, is our children. I realize that sometimes the Wolverines monopolize the news but we musn't forget that in our community, we still have the long standing Hazelton Bulldogs and I am sure that most of you have played us at least once throughout your Minor Hockey careers. It is the privilege of giving our children the opportunity to participate in Canada's sport that we are fighting for. We currently have so many kids registered in Minor Hockey that we sometimes have enough kids to have more than one team representing each division. In a town as small as ours, it's amazing that we have enough kids to create even one competitive team, let alone one and sometimes two for each division. So, please consider these children if nothing else, because without them, hockey would cease to exist in Hazelton.

Also, we understand people do not always have a lot of spare time on their hands to sit down and write an epic story for a neighbouring community, so we have come up with a number of solutions. At our Hockeyville Headquarters we have been collecting stories from all over the Province through fill-in forms, email, and even quotes from participants on Facebook. I would like to ask that those who do not have the time to visit Kraft Hockeyville, to write their stories or comments here on the Chat forum and allow us to copy and paste those stories to the Kraft site. If this is okay please respond to this post and let us know. I have read the others and would love to have them added to the Kraft Hockeyville site as well. If you haven't written anything yet and don't want to write a big story, all we require is a brief comment about why Hazelton is Hockeyville and your name, we can take care of the rest. If you would prefer to message us directly please click on the message link on the index page attached to this message. If you have a different way to get your story to us, please let us know and we'll accomodate you (ex: some people didn't want to write, so we've taken stories over the phone and scribed others for elders, text message, etc.)

Finally, we will be hosting our big Hockeyville kick off party this weekend at the Ken Trombley Arena. Friday December 11th is our Skate with the Wolverines Night and Saturday will be our Hockeyville Community Celebration. The game is scheduled between the Wolverines and River Kings and we're hoping to fill the Barn to the rafters with kids. I know that Hazelton and Terrace fans don't always get along as is evident with the posts made here after last Saturday night's game, so to all fans (Hazelton fans lets show Terrace what great hosts we can be) we ask that despite any hard feelings, please be aware of the number of little ones filling the Barn for this game and let's make this a happy and memorable evening of CIHL hockey in the Hazeltons!!!!

Thank you all so much, if any of you have ideas or would like to help please feel free to call us at 1-866-842-0216 attn. Hockeyville or email us your stories: hazeltonhockeyville@live.com. Don't forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages as well. We have some wonderful slideshows made by Mrs. Giguere's elementary school computer class being posted daily!!

Once again thank you all for your support!!!!

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Look, I get it.

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December 8 2009, 9:54 AM 

Look, I get that you guys want to win Hockeyville and you will try as best as you can. I support Hazelton is hockeyville.

BUT, I went to the kraft hockeyville webpage to read the stories and write MY OWN. But, suprise suprise, apparently I WROTE a story already????? I don't remember doing that. And since I didn't write it, SOMEONE obviously copied and pasted it in there??? I support Hazelton as Hockeyville, but who copeid and pasted it in there without asking me or my knowledge?

You got my town wrong. Can you tell where I am right now? I'm a semi-part time resident of Hazelton the past few months extending into the next few months. I go into one of the surrounding areas a couple of times a week and had a meeting here last Friday. BUT I am not from Prince Rupert. You don't know my real name or my email address and I would like ot know who decided to take it upon themselves to do that for me?

Look, I get it that you guys want to win, but I was suprised to see MY story and MY name there without me writing it. In a sense thank you for me not having to write a story, but you didn't ask me and I find that quite RUDE. I know you may think I'm over-reacting, but it was just a little shocking to see that. I felt like I was being undermined or used. I know you can write on behalf of someone, but that's WITH their knowledge. Can you please not do that again? I found it in bad taste.

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Re: Look, I get it.

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December 8 2009, 11:09 AM 

I would like to take the time now to apologize for someone copying and pasting your story. I am not sure who did that but do want to apologize as they should have asked your permission before posting your story. I also want to thank you for showing your support to Hazelton is Hockeyville and hope that this does not effect that fact that you have supported us. I do hope that you do submit your own story and again I do apologize for this happening. I will talk to the rest of the committee about this matter. Thank you.

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