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P-Day XIII: mémoires of a Paparazzi...

October 27 2014 at 12:50 AM
Traveller  (Login Travelller)
Paneristi!!! I'm no paparazzi, hell, I'm just another office warrior*...
*albeit with a killer flash-setup wink.gif

I'll be looking to do a classic P-Day report elsewhere; I've read everyone's report here on the paneristi site and have enjoyed all stories tremendously! However I feel one more report may just be one report too many... wink.gif I will take a minute however for an Executive Summary...

Why P-Day?
I was looking forward to meeting the people behind the "Paneristi" flag; I've read your posts, seen your fantastic watches, but I wanted to meet you, to place, not only a face, but a real person to your online persona!
I wanted these same people to meet me; so that they too, could place a person with this "Traveller guy"... well now you know what he's like in the flesh wink.gif
I was excited to meet up again with many of the nice guys (and gals) I had the great pleasure of meeting last year at the Panerai Book presentation in Firenze happy.gif

P-Day meets Venezia...
Given that the presentation in Firenze last September was my "initiation", so to speak, P-Day XII would have been too soon for me to manage, but when they announced that Venezia would be the location for P-Day XIII, well I knew this was my big chance to attend my first P-Day!!!

Friends, old & new...

...intriguing history...

...picturesque scenery...

...memorable impressions...

...nostalgic views...


...delightful ambiance...

...and last, but certainly not least... fantastic Panerai watches!!!

Oh, almost forgot... the "paparazzi" thing... wink.gif Well here's a link to my Flickr* P-Day XIII album. I couldn't possibly link them all and I wouldn't want to choose one over the other - all great people and all pretty decent photos of them happy.gif

Traveller-the-paparazzi-for-a-day's P-Day XIII photo Album

*Flickr is GREAT! The link I provided you with will take you to a scrollable list of large "thumbs". At the top-right corner, you can start a slide show. If you want a close look at any one photo, simply click on it. If you want to download it, no problem, look for the icons at the bottom-right of the photo. You can view/download a photo in many sizes, including the original. Enjoy! happy.gif

-Serge 8^)
Traveller - Genève / Melbourne / Miami / Wien
Wearing: 217, 233 * Wanting: 47mm, 3-6-9-12 1940, 345, 368 * Wishing: 036, 203, 267, 276, 396 * Dreaming: 5218-202/A MM, 6152/1 MM
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