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You do know it would be illegal to fit that tyre?

December 5 2011 at 1:52 PM

scott  (Login stinkwheel)

Response to went to my mates to pick up a tyre today and he took some pics

On the front anyway with the rear you currently have.

BT45 = bias belted
BT92 = radial

It's illegal to fit a radial on the front if you have a crossply/bias belt on the rear. Not that I give a damn, just thought you ought to know.

I get that stepped wear thing a lot. Mostly on bikes I've fucked with so the arse is higher/front is lower but pushing the front end hard and braking through corners makes it worse. I used to wear out a front for every rear on my MZ supermoto because I kept trailing the front brake while under power and banked over.

My VFR has started doing it since I fitted a VTR1000 front end which is 10mm lower. I'mn going to correct this by going up 10 on the profile next front I fit.

[linked image]

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