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Suzuki wires...

December 6 2011 at 12:32 AM

Seana  (Login Seana23)

Hi all. i hope i find you suitably Ratted in this the prime Ratting season.

I've got a problem with the ignition circuit ov my GS 850...
i bought a new loom but i think i may have screwed the wire that runs from the Kill/Stop and Starter button. its the Orange/white "return" wire BTW.

So i wana replace this wire with a new one so i can get this baby on da road...

so... my question to the Wise ole Bodgers is... What guage wire is it? i thought it might be as simple as to go and get 12v wires but oh no, i was confronted with a veratable plethora ov choice!!!

so again, what is the guage ov wire for the Ignition circuit for a 1980's GS 850G

thanx all.

Peace & Love

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