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January 3 2012 at 10:53 PM

VJ  (Login virusjohn)

Response to even if he admitted 100% fault?

thy take fucking ages to give you any offders, and when they do its quite frankly an insult so you have to write back explaining politely how you think its a poor offer then they take another month to write back (last letter i recieved was 2nd dec about my crash)

You'l get your money mate, just dont expect it through next week, compensation for total loss of the bike will be through soon but uninsured losses and expenses are still racking up and the length of your injury is still not 100% known (and wont be untill your completely back up to full health) so YOUR solicitor will be delaying to an extent to ensure you get the right amount of personal injury compo, and if your off work/buying prescription painkillers they dont want to settle it now on the assumption it'l only be x weeks or whatever till your back to normal life when it could be longer and you deserve more money

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