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Totally wrong.

January 13 2012 at 9:28 AM

rex  (Login mybikeisbetterthanyourbike)

Response to I think I now understand the MOT problem

Having been a motorcycle courier for well over ten years I have always been well aware of how to keep my bikes in safe condition, always WELL better than the minimum MOT requirements, and had extensive experience of many different kinds of bikes. My bikes were ALWAYS in tip top condition as far as safety went.

And all of my bike always passed the MOT every time without any trouble whatsoever.

UNTIL I got a fucking MZ.

My experiences with the MZ have been absolute proof that most MOT wankers are complete fucking bastards who judge bikes by their KIND and their LOOKS and not by their worthiness.

My CBR6 was always passed even though it was often more knackered than my MZ has ever been, but because it was a "cool" courier bike they just didn't give it any scrutiny. But there's been more than once I've turned up on the MZ and the fucktards just stood and shook their head before even looking at it, an obvious instant FAIL without even doing their job.

The ones who HAVE done a proper MOT by the book have often been so annoyed that it passed that they've failed the bike on completely made up shit, once being "worn out" wheel bearings that were less than a week old! The next MOT guy the next day found nothing wrong with them obviously.

A case in point is Hoon's favorite "nice" MOT place that instantly said to me my bike was a complete fail the moment I rode into the joint, without even LOOKING at it. I didn't even get the chance to get off the bike before I was flatly told "no way, we won't TOUCH that thing" or something similar. In my view places like that should be instantly shut down.

Anybody can scrutinize my bike to their heart's content at any do, and you will NOT find anything legitimately wrong with it EVER, while most other ratbikes around will be far more MOT questionable.

Considering the fact that I have one of the longest living daily use ratbikes in existence and that it never fails me anywhere at any time, and I regularly put serious mileage on it, then it would seem that there is something to what I say.

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