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One screamed when she saw the Xray of my head.

January 24 2012 at 2:11 PM

Mouse  (Login o0Mouse0o)
Rat Engineer

Response to ... and don't forget about Italian nurses :-)

The tiny metal plate and screws looks particularly gruesome from the angle they got it at and they all assumed it was a result of the accident. No one spoke English which made things even more interesting and drawn out. If you're wondering I got away with a cracked nose bone and a lot of bruises and sprains happy.gif

A] Army ammo boxes from the local store. £10 each. I put foam door draught sealer around the lip of the l;id to make them water tight.
B] I made a bracket that bolted to the mini sports luggage rack I fitted This bolted to the panier with 4 M6 bolts on a plate to distribute the load a bit. I also made a bracket that went to the rear foot peg mounts. There was also a stiffing bracket between the two, without this they were wobbly and would have snapped off very quickly.
These were specifically fitted for a tour around the coast of italy and around the swiss alps etc. I also removed the rear plastics so I could get the wide panniers a bit closer to the frame.

These are the only two descent photos I have of it and I simply cant remember as it was so long ago and I also had a(nother) bump on the head about then happy.gif

[linked image]

[linked image]

The metal of the bandit rear subframe is flimsy so make your own assessment about the long term attachment of really heavy kit.

[linked image]
This is it about as far down as you can go in Italy probably the day before the smash.


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