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and another damned thing...

January 30 2012 at 7:33 PM

rex  (Login mybikeisbetterthanyourbike)

Response to You're doomed

If your carb has a "waxstat" jet you want to be rid of that jet anyway. They have a little thermostat actually built in to the bottom of the jet, and it will play merry hell with your engine's running if you try to use it on a bike. It's meant to adjust the mixture of your carb depending on air temperature. Bloody daft idea. It probably works well enough on four or more pistons, but you can get a normal NON-waxstat jet cheaper and they work better anyway.

I realize this means nothing to you yet but it will all become clear eventually.

Basically you have what's called an HS4 carb and when sorted out they work a treat. Even old bikes like the Sunbeam 500 twin often had them so they have been around and used on bike engines for ages. Harleys sometimes have them.

Pretty sure some trike bods off here might be able to point you in the direction of cheapest spares etc.

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