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Usually they do

February 4 2012 at 12:54 PM

rex  (Login mybikeisbetterthanyourbike)

Response to I'd have thought they would have had a 2nd or 3rd choice in case of such an event...

But there's a distinct lack of "actors" who can pull off something like a "biker" in any convincing manner, especially for a low budget thing like an advert. These things are usually the territory of completely unknown people fresh out of some pointless acting school where they're taught completely worthless bullshit like how to open a door "properly" on camera and how to fake a Glaswegian accent (as if there weren't any fucking desperately out of work Weegie actors to choose from already), and none of these pitiful, stupid oiks ever possesses the least molecule of actual TALENT in any way whatsoever, so when some casting agency wants a "biker type" of person for an advert or a something they have to scramble around looking in pubs and under rocks to find anything that even vaguely resembles a real believable "biker" because there's no smalltime pointless actors in the entire universe that could ever convincingly pull it off whatsoever even if their pointless, plastic little lives depended on it.

Consequently, NON-actors sourced from OTHER THAN acting sources get a lot of the more interesting (and better paid) jobs like knights and cave men and bikers and alien monsters due to their not having been ruined for all eternity by having attended some completely useless bullshit "acting school" where any remnant of mediocre talent is instantly and expensively extinguished forever by the teachers, themselves being only FAILED ACTORS, and as we all know if you're so bloody pitiful you can't even ACT then you really are a seriously pointless and insignificant piece of rotting flesh in the great scream of things.

They probably originally hired a legitimate "actor" for this job and then realized to their horror how utterly fucking terrible they were.

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