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Not exactly- I have a cunning plan...

February 12 2012 at 6:34 PM

rex  (Login mybikeisbetterthanyourbike)

Response to unless I'm greatly mistaken

This was part of an idea I have for a type of springer front end that uses standard MZ yokes and fork legs.

Basically you take the front shocks away and extend the fork legs about 7 inches by welding some pipe up the middle of the existing forks.

Then make a mounting point for two little flat metal arms about 4" long that swivel on the end of each forkpipe.

The axle goes through the front of the arms and the rear swivels on the fixed fork tube extensions.

The bendy rod bit is attached to the side arms at the axle and goes up and over the wheel with a shock mount on the apex of the bent part at the top. Then you use another old bottom yoke with the steering stem removed clamped backwards onto the forks up top somewhere between the original standard yokes with a top shock mount in the old stem hole of the backwards one, and put a standard MZ shock in it. That way you can adjust the suspension by reclamping the backwards yoke up or down the forks between the regular yokes, AND ALSO adjust the stiffness with on the shock preload.

I've checked and there's just the right room for it all but I'll have to put the headlight somewhere else because the shock will be right there but I'll worry about that later. Maybe go with all LED lights now. Smaller and easy to fit in weird places.

The front of my bike is very light so just one shock will be fine. If it's not I can always get a stiffer one from the scrappy.

Using standard MZ parts all I have to do is weld about a foot of pipe up the bottom end of the empty forks and make a mounting point on the end for the side arms to swivel on.

I'd have Roland make the two little short arms with bushings in them, and then I just have to make the bendy bit so it attaches to the arms at the axle and provides something for the shock to bolt onto.

Not much stuff actually needs making and it uses a standard yoke. The most technical bit is getting the two side arms with bushing made nicely so it's not wobbly. Everything else is easy. And regular rear shocks last for AGES longer than forks with seals.

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