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February 12 2012 at 9:06 PM

Mouse  (Login o0Mouse0o)
Rat Engineer

I've got a TDI engine out the front of the house happy.gif but now I've got it next to the bike its a way bigger task of fitting than I first thought. Apart from the fact I need to rebuild the clutch assembly to include a second bearing so it won't keep failing on me and because of frame constraints that means stretching the frame by a an inch or two which is several weekends worth of work in its self. If I were to avoid that and do a 'simple' swap then I have to make 30mm deep manifold extenders for the turbo and inlet so they clear the frame tube as well as plumb in the waste gate valve + solonoids and fit the intercooler as well as fabricate a new exhaust. Then there is the task of setting up the fly by wire control box to the twist grip. And to get the thing running I have to prune the entire car loom back to the bare essentials and defrig the security circuit and chip key (I have the chip but want to totally remove it fromthe system). Because it's 'fly by wire' so I also need to house and protect the ECU from the elephants as well as obtain an OBD diagnostic module to check its all ticking properly. The loom is currently in a 10 gallon garden bucket and overflowing so there is no change of just cable tiding it up and leaving it there.

Whereas on the other hand I have a partially finished 500cc project. Which needs similar level of work but will be a step into the unknown as I've not run the engine since getting it back from Farmer Parmers place and having the crank reground so it really is another journey into the unknown. To make it run the bike needs a cooling radiator fitted and plumbed in. An alternator fitting which is going to be trickier than normal for various reasons. An exhaust and air box making. Then its onto the easy bits like wiring it up (with a reliable flashy thing) and fitting a tank and seat + the other usual shit. And then the dreaded MOT.

So on one hand it's a known thing but a Metric assload of work and an ECU to trick and on the other hand an Imperial assload of work, an unknown engine and MOT woes.

Ether way I'm on Shanks's Pony until I sort something out.


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