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While we're talking about diesel VW's.......

February 12 2012 at 10:33 PM

thefastestMelv  (Login thefastestMelv)

Response to If you didn't enjoy doing all this work you'd ride a standard bike wouldncha.

......today by some very generous (silly) bloke on camp gave me a 1998 Polo 1.9d!!!!

He parked it up in 2010 when he bought a new car and it hasn't moved since.

He says its fucked cos the batteries not flat but it won't start? the batteries been sat for 2 years and only has enough go to light the dash lights nevermind turn over an engine.
I was expectin to have to pay something for it, but was happy just to sign it over to me? theres no rust and the tyres look ok if a little flatter at the bottom.
Even as a total wreck that won't run its worth about a ton in scrapyard form or maybe 500 as an Mot'ed runner.

I also got free mcbastard vouchers after shouting at the manager on friday.

I say build a petrol bike to tide you over and build the crazy ass TDI as well.

It'll be worth the effort I'm sure.

Bodgering things since 1978

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