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You can't be a biker unless you follow the rules!

February 14 2012 at 12:17 AM

some other bloke  (Login mybikeisbetterthanyourbike)

Response to ding ding ding ding ding, and the prize goes to Gary

You have to dress like a biker and talk like a biker and watch things on telly that bikers watch and go do things that bikers do with other bikers, but most of all you have to ride a bike. Only THEN will you truly stand out apart from the crowd and be a true biker, all alone just like everybody else. A true one percenter like 99% of all bikers.

Clone, adapt, copy, and spread! Only then will you be a true individual!

I say we have a competition (judged by bikers) to see who's bike is more biker than everybody else's, and who is more individual than everybody else, and then we all copy that person so we can all be totally individual bikers!


Just poo in your forks.

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