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How weird-

February 22 2012 at 11:06 AM

rexbeard  (Login mybikeisbetterthanyourbike)

Response to Shut up and click on the link.

That's the very same brand of lemonade I'm going to the casting to be a pirate for. Mike's Hard Lemonade.

WHICH, by the way, I am told is not happening today. It's happening "on another day" that is "possibly later this week".

Of course from past experience this tells me that I'll be lucky to get so much as a day's warning ahead of time (sometimes much MUCH less) where I'm expected to suddenly drop everything and rush to some casting in central bloody London that I don't even get paid for just on the off chance I DO get the job because I'm skint and it pays bags of money for basically doing nowt. I just loathe the way the advertising media does business. But unfortunately I am a whore and they pay good money.

In other news, the tyre guy has asked me if the tyre has "good tred" because his tyre is "bored". I replied that he should be aware that a mega off road knobby dirt bike tyre like what I'm trying to give him isn't going to pass an MOT for a road bike and he hasn't responded yet so I don't know for sure what's up.

Carry on.

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