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That ought to be a bit lively

March 4 2012 at 8:15 PM

Scott  (Login stinkwheel)

Response to not a bike but what i've been building for someone

I had a go in a Honda Fury a while back which is a 450 single with an auto transmission, full brembo wishbone suspension with anti-roll bars and a limited slip diff. They were pretty hairy, certainly didn't need to go any faster (although they maybe went faster than many because the suspension kept the wheels on the ground.

I'd never driven anything with a limited slip diff before, it was fucking great. If it all started getting horribly out of shape, you just lifted off the power slightly to put some steering back into the equation then floored it again for double rooster-tail action.

You appear to have gone for the 600cc inline four with six gears, hardtail and no diff at all.

I predict the front and back will be swapping ends on a regular basis.

[linked image]

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