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his insurance company...

March 9 2012 at 1:02 PM

JJ  (Login forestcreature)

Response to when i'm mobile again (late april time)

I imagine that you pay insurance premiums on your bike and that these also shield you from a fair degree of liability should you, as a less-than-perfect being (unbelievable as this is), ever do anything wrong.

Everybody being insured means that there is a financial shield in place which gets around people having to get angry at each other. In the case of Rex and myself (and others, no doubt), that system failed, sure, however in your case the guy even admitted fault immediately. For a bust up person with no teeth you're pretty lucky. I don't get the level of hate and resentment you seem to have for some people (and, worryingly, some entire groups of people). That people are lousy drivers is widely known. I imagine that it's part of the reason that motoring offences are different to criminal offences.

As far as the terrible pain and lifetime disfigurement goes, nobody forces you to get on your bike and travel at speeds which are guaranteed to hurt you if something happens. If life events conspire to make it inevitable or even unavoidable that you should do so (in my case having to commute to university all the time), then that's just because life is shit.

In the same way that bodies become less damaged when relaxed (or drunk), there are compelling physiological and psychological reasons for generally chilling out. I know that you'll hate this post and that you probably hate me, but I can't think that anybody's ever resented getting over a grudge or being less angry, so it's basically sound advice.


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