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well the poo

March 21 2012 at 8:11 PM

Dan  (Login moldwing)

Response to so what happened to all the poo

went in the sea for most of my time onboard. MARPOL changed the regulations in the last 2 years I worked on the ship. all comercial ships had to store waste or have a sewage plant all ships over 26 meters too, we carried on shitting in the sea. toilet paper was the problem and the reason for changing the rules.

For the whole time I worked on board we had shit paper bins and the paper was stored till we had enough for the burn. we would burn the shittiy paper in a barrel along with all the cardboard and paper waste. the barrel was hung off the back of the ship or by the engine room vent fans if the engineers had been getting on my nerves, its the small things that help pass the time haha.

I was bosun and all such tasks were my responsibliity, painting, cargo, anchors, mooring, lanching and recovering RIBs, general maintainace and cleaning the heads and burning shit.

In the last few months of my riegn as king of the heads we started to replace the sea toilets with incinolets. possibley the most evil thing in the world watch the vid and imagine the possibilitys

fixed it rode it broke it fixed it rode it.....

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