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so tuesday, on the way

March 22 2012 at 12:34 PM

Jim  (Login Jrids)

to my friendly neighbourhood gixxer bloke for an oil and filter change (tried scrabbling about on the floor and couldnt get up again!) i went over some speedmountains...

now i MAY have had a little paint residue left around my fork seals - right in the groove between seal and fork that i forgot about, and the r/h one let go. just as predicted by the possum savvy amongst you

so that was another thing added to the list

cant blame the bike - my fault entirely [linked image]

howeber i did at least learn it has progressive springs in it though, which explains why the front end felt different to the dead one... and why i have a spare set of fork spring

he also found some slight pitting on the forks. but i wont worry about it unless the seals go again (everything was ok on the way back over the same speedmountains)... fortunately i have a spare set which i'll be keeping hold of now vj doesnt want em

another warm day today so i'll be off out on it in a bit, trying to find some uncongested fast roads in this god-foresaken coutny (fat chance)

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