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Yeah, poor old Hooon is a fashion victim-

March 23 2012 at 10:10 AM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

Response to tis propa old skool ya gets mi!?*

I used to think fatter tyres were always better so every time I bought tyres I went for the next size fatter. The handling just got worse and worse over the years and I always blamed it on the tyres not being fat enougth, so I kept buying fatter ones until I couldn't go any bigger ones squoze onto the bike. At that point the handling was atrocious.

Then I got skint and angry at tyre prices and bought cheap shit extra narrow tyres just as a temporary fix for the upcoming MOT, and bugger me the bike handles like it's on rails now. I don't think it's ever handled this good since I've owned it!

And, as Robbo pointed out to me a while back, the size of your tyre footprint on the road is only about as big as a credit card anyway even on a modern bike with fatbastard tyres.

That all makes sense now since most bikes run high air pressure so the curvature of the tyres is fairly constant, but as I run low air pressure at the back my footprint is a lot bigger than it would be normally on that size tyre so I get amazingly good grip and use out of a 3.50 rear tyre without any of the wibbly-wobbly-ness I had running fat tyres on low pressure.

And going to a 3.00 front the steering is so good you only have to THINK about which way you want to go and the bike automatically goes there without any of the strongarm effort I had with fat front tyres.

There's a REASON why old racers from back in the day ran on narrow wheels.

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