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I was in need of a commuter, just happened to.........

March 25 2012 at 11:05 AM

SgtVimes  (Login SgtVimes)

Response to Be a good commuter for someone. *

notice this on a facearse sales page thingy, it was up for £400, offered 300 thinking that i'd get laughed at and the young lady accepted, should've offered less i spose, still her husband rode it round 30 mins later, turns out she hates bikes and he wasn't allowed to keep it!

it was advertised as needing a new horn and number plate light, which is odd as it doesn't, fork seals and rear brake pads it does though, pleased with it as it'll be a feck site cheaper than using a 2ltr diesel estate c*r to commute..

it's a load of old bollocks really

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