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Even the banks are getting shitty about PayBastardPal-

March 26 2012 at 9:48 PM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

Response to The law will change after several peoples houses have been burned down over this.

Since I had my little ordeal and refused to pay a fucking penny to the bank for the hundreds or thousands of pounds of "fees and penalties" the claimed I owe them they've resorted to threatening letters, threats of bailiffs, threats of court action, and eventually threats of dropping most of the fines if I'd just pay a little bit.

Which I refuse to do.

It's a funny situation, I kicked up a huge fuss one day in the bank and demanded my four quid to be withdrawn and the account closed (took about two hours to get it) but since they claim I owe them money for "fines" due to the eBay scam they won't cancel my account with them. So like it or not I am permanently signed up with a bank I will never use again!

Guaranteed lifetime membership.

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