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whats this fuel problem then?

March 30 2012 at 8:15 AM

No bikes Graham  (Login Diesel_Graham)
Rat Engineer

there must have been 30 cars queuing up at the local filling station taking up the forecourt and part way down the road!

Now theres people telling me theres a fuel shortage, people are limited to £30 per customer and apparently there are arguments and struggles over it all.

Now I can tell you I saw none of this when I filled up yesterday.... I filtered past the huge queue of cars, pulled in at the next available pump and filled the scooter and a jerrycan in pretty much the normal amount of time. As for arguments and struggles, there may well have been some of that going on further back the line but I was gone already!

Bloody scooter drivers!

(actually that was what they were chanting as I left)

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