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It's 1994!

March 31 2012 at 10:53 AM

Dan  (Login moldwing)

Response to Just another reason why.......

But BMW were ahead of the times with the electronics. The E36 was the current modle when I was apprentice at BMW. Kind of nostalgic for me, part the reason why I got it for her. Also it gets 40-45 mpg on a run and never much less than 38 unless you drive like a BMW driver.

And to be fair it looks to be all original in the electric department. Back then cars were a little more sensible there are 4 ecus in this car and the are all 18 years old and still work.

I was working in a 3 year old Citro├źn which would not run right because of a CAN bus fault. Control area network! Fuck that shit

fixed it rode it broke it fixed it rode it.....


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