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There is more to it...

April 6 2012 at 9:34 PM
der_nanno  (Login der_nanno)

Response to cones

... some people pay me stupid money for setting up their carbs for pods.

There's some rough pointers I could give you, but you obviously have never done it, so it is actually rather unlikely that you will succeed w.o. a bit of a helping hand to get the jetting right.

Yet still, as there are no numbers, you will probably end up spending around 30-50 GBP on new main jets and then probably another 10-15 on pilot-jets plus at least another 10 on other minor bits and bobs...

And then Mr. Smartarse (me) will tell you, that now you exhaust is too restrictive to make any real gains possible. Once you changed that one out, you will start again with buying some more jets...

It's by far not as simple...

BUT: If you give me your base setting, tell me which exhaust you have on your bike AND take a proper picture of the original airbox... then I will have a good look into my crystal ball and predict a jetting wink.gif


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