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Ive seen 2, a small girl and a huge faceless man... didnt take pics, cant explain.....

April 8 2012 at 7:23 PM

Seana  (Login Seana23)

Response to I don't think we've had a discussion on this before!


The faceless man was seen on the housing estate where I lived when I was about 10. This figure was seen by about 25 kids over about 2 years... Group psychosis???
And the small girl, in a house I lived in when I was about 23. All the other bods that ever lived there saw her. She would appear onthe stairs and walk down the stairs, through the glass door and then disappear as she entered the kitchen... Not threatening at all. Just very cold when she was around... A memory trapped in time and space???

I've also had the glass from a Ouija board, fly off and smash into the wall, preceded by about two months ov wardrobe doors slamming and vibrating bed effects, including feeling a "prescence" around me... Now that on did scare me. Not toyed with such things since...

Can't explain any ov them but I know what I saw and felt.

I've also taken Sativa Divinorum which showed me just how tenuous and illusery what we percieve really is.....
One tiny amount ov a single chemical is enough to turn this solid dependable reality on its head. Just a miniscule chemical imbalance and what we "see" or "percieve" to be real, really isn't...
Life is full ov such things..
We only "see" a fraction ov the light wave frequencies, a tiny bit, there's much more going on outside our sensory capabilities.....

Good topic babes.
Thank you.

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