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Right, I'm off to get failed now.

April 12 2012 at 2:06 PM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

Have a wager amongst yourselves as to which complete pack of lies will be used to fail my MOT.

The usual bet is anything you can't actually see, like headstock and wheel bearings (all of which are recently seen to and good as new at the moment) used as "discretionary" fodder.

A good bet is also saying the brakes are totally worn out (new pads two months ago) due to them being drum brakes, a sort of primitive braking system nobody under the age of 45 has ever had experience with or even heard about.

Of course there's always the try-it-on types who'll try to fail me on no front brake light switch (too old, doesn't need it) or no special numbers on the exhaust (foiled again, asshole) or bad forks (new seals about two months ago) even though they can't actually lift the gaiters to have a proper look so they just go by feel and expect me to just believe them, but I can usually fend off any of these types by demanding to see where in The Sacred Book it actually says I HAVE to have a speedo or an air filter or a pair of fuzzy dice or whatever else they randomly come up with off the top of their pointy little heads just to be difficult.

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