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Thanks Seana (& some other stuff I should mention). x

April 15 2012 at 6:16 PM

Roger  (Login Roger_R65)

Response to very nice, ill ask around and post on FB.. mileage? engine condition etc. x*

Mileage is unknown, as I don't think the odometer is original (or trust it, for that matter - I think it may be reading in KM). Engine condition seems OK for its age (built 1981, registered '83); starts OK most of the time (if it doesn't, that's probably the battery - the starter puts a lot of drain on this), needs the usual R-series carb fiddling. I replaced the pushrod tube seals, which had perished.

The bike has had a few non-fatal visits from the Fail Possum which I should mention (all a while ago; it's passed MOTs since):
-Slight tear in the driveshaft boot. Taped it up, never noticed any problems.
-Gearbox oil filler plug seized and rounded. I can't shift this, so I change the gear oil via the airbox bolt hole, which is a little fiddly but works well.
-Driveshaft drain thread stripped. I've been reinstalling the plug with araldite at each oil change, which seems to work OK, and maybe a well-nut would work in its place.
-Headlight switch failed, so I've replaced it with a toggle switch in the middle of the dash. Other switchgear works fine.
-Exhaust stub thread damaged (by some fool, who may or not have been me, removing the exhaust a few years back), so I've replaced both the usual star nuts with purpose-built clamps bought from Motobins (or Motorworks, can't remember), which do the job well.

Other things to note:
-I'll include panniers and frames. The panniers are tatty but usable. The frames seem to be for another model from the R-series, so I've had to add brackets to get them to fit.
-I've added a small wooden extension to one of the side panels, and fitted a cigar lighter attachment.

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