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HOOON- the quick fix:

April 25 2012 at 6:34 PM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

Response to No Crimmi for me.

You unplug the phase wire on whichever one is grounding, and if you can then cut the field coil feed to it.

Do this and run less lighting at low speeds (unplug shit and only ride in the daytime). Basically you go around on 2/3 alternator capacity but it works fine, especially with your big battery. It just charges slower so you make it so it uses less leccy to keep your electronic ignition happy.

Alternators do sometimes have one of the phases go bad but it will not affect the other phases if you isolate it. My alternator only runs on two of the phases anyway by my own design, leaving the unused one free as a spare should one burn out on the road one day. A simple wire swap and as good as new.

If you want I can come round this weekend and point and laugh at you.

And no you can NOT borrow my bike.

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