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ATTN: Island Monkeys etc.

April 29 2012 at 6:50 AM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

If you know what's good for you you'd stay well the hell away from this miserable rock for as long as possible. IT'S STILL BLOODY PISSING IT DOWN HERE.

And it's not your average pleasant springtime showers, this is ice cold arctic weather the likes of which ain't never been seen before. The sort of weather Mouse usually arrives somewhere in. It has absolutely not let up since you buggered off to Yerp.

It can't last forever (I hope) but if I were you I'd seriously stay out of the UK for as long as possible unless you want to face riding in freezing cold squalls and high winds every bleeding inch of the miserable way.

It's atrocious. Fish are drowning. Ducks are so waterlogged they don't float anymore. The cat that shits in Stefan's back yard has been replaced by a wolly mammoth.

Save yourselves! Stay where you can actually see the sky for as long as you can or face the most soul-destroying arctic expedition home you've ever undertook.

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