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i did the same at my place......

April 30 2012 at 12:38 AM

seana  (Login Seana23)

Response to Burners and chimneys

The estimate for stainless steel liner was £3500!!! Obviously that was a non starter so i bought some rods and cleaned out the chimney... i also Got about 10feet ov heating flue and inserted in up said chimney, this was attached to a home made Gas bottle burner and burns lovely.

An open fire gets VERY hot and the sparks are numerous and can be a real problem igniting oils that have soaked into the old brickwork up inside the chimney from burning coal or woods like Elder and Pine and other softwoods...

A burner is a much better option because the baffles and corrigated pipe catch most ov the sparks. Burners dont give out quite as much heat but this will mean the wood doesnt run out so quickly.. (bought wood is pretty expensive)

Burners can cost anything between £150-£350 or you could make one. Lots ov designs available on't web.

When you start to use it. Go gently and build up the heat over a few days to get the bricks inside gradually warm.

A set ov chimney rods is about £25 and last for many years...
....... a chimney sweep is £70-90 per year (down here anyway!!) nuff said.

All a chimney sweep does is give you a bit ov paper saying its been done. Not sure what the benefit is over doing it yourself. (dont forget to use 2 sheets suspended over the fireplace when you clear it out, with the rods between the flaps to stop the crap going all over ya room.

...and always twist the rod to the right, or youll undo the brush from the rods halfway up ya chimney..! No twisting to the left!!

Good luck.

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