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20 min job.

May 18 2012 at 10:01 PM

Issy  (Login gadjet127)

Response to fork seals

Just don't do it the way the book tells you.

I leave the forks in the bike undo the alan bolts on the bottom of the stantions, drain the oil, pop the dust seal up, take the c clips off the seals slam the forks down and they pop off.

Pop old seals out put new ones in, replace c clip put alan bolts in bottom with lots of bluetack around them holding them up and in place fill with oil pop back on holding alan key in place on the bolt slide back on do up alan bolt.

Corse my way takes a massive degree of skill and most people would end up with oil every where pissin out of the Allan bolt hole and not manage to line up the Allan bolt. But hey that's how I do it.

And it always fucks up my nails.





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