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this motorcycle lark is dangerous

June 23 2012 at 9:25 PM

Jim  (Login Jrids)

Just had a retard almost hit me head on on my way home. Was coming down a steep narrow road with cars on one side when the idiot in a old citroen comes round the corner at the bottom and starts heading up at speed completely oblivious to me coming down towards him (my right of way as parked cars were on his side).

So i slow and slow and eventually hit my horn because the bastard is STILL COMING. This seems to shift him from his daze and he stops an arms length from my bike. He then makes this finger shaking gesture and smiles like its all highly amusing that he nearly killed me...

As i sqeezed past i stop and leaned in his window and shouted in my best impression of an angry polar bear that if he did that to me again i'd fucking kill him. This made me feel slightly better about the whole thing and by the time i got to the bottom of the hill my hands werent even shaking anymore.

What a cunt, perhaps i need to start carrying a gun to deal with these people swiftly and with minimal effort

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