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You mean paramotors?

July 1 2012 at 5:34 PM

esox  (Login Esox__)

Response to what the hell are we doing?

Yeah, i`ve looked into that myself.
Nearly bought one last year!
But i probably knew it`d hardly get used, so common sense kicked in at the last minute.
They`re quite spendy considering what they are.
Whenever i see a likely looking local place (say while out walking the hound)i alawys think, `hmm, that`d be a good place for a paraglider take off`!

Still got my microlight `trial flight` to do this year.
Waiting for the weather to improve....

I say buy one, and give me a go.happy.gif

Damn, this post has now reignited my interest in the bloody things.
There`s some excellent videos on Youtube, as well as loads of the inevitable `paramotor crash`!

Who wouldn`t want to do this?;

[linked image]


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