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Robbo- since nobody wants that nice little bike...

July 12 2012 at 1:14 PM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

I'll pop round in the next few days to mess with it some more.

I want to put a couple of 16" MZ wheels on it instead of those 18's. And I'll bring the wire cutters to get rid of the voltage regulator. I don't like them on bikes.

Also I've got enough bits to build another SU carb to stick on it. Might have to angle grind a bit of the frame away to make it fit but it would be way cool. I still have the old shorty bellmouth off my one.

I've got some old diesel in a tub in the lockup I was washing parts off in and I'll stick that in a gallon jug to bring down. I figure a tank of that should do wonders on that little 125 blatted once round the M25 at full throttle.

I do want to rip that seat off it though because it's hideous. I think there's some old wood or something in the back of my lockup I can dig out to cover with gaffa tape or something. Shit, when I'm done you won't even be able to recognize the little fucker anymore.

Do you know how many clutch plates they have? Because I want to take one out like I did on my bike.

I tried to fail today but was unable to accomplish it.

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