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visited an old house of mine today

July 12 2012 at 11:11 PM

Dan  (Login moldwing)

and it was very nice to see a relic of the time I lived there. 10 of us bought the place 12 years ago as a housing coop. I'm sure I have told some of you the story but basically we were all on the dole and bought a £200,000 house using housing benifit. its still going and I still get lots of post there so I visit often.

well anyway one of the problems I had in the place was the plumbing could not cope with my type 4 turds and so the bog brush had to be ocompanyed with a plastic knife. It seems that most vegans do a healthy type 4 that modern low flush loos cant handle. My ex house mates have moved on in the tool department.

[linked image]

fixed it rode it broke it fixed it rode it.....

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