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well that was an interesting trip to the docs

July 23 2012 at 10:17 AM

Jim  (Login Jrids)

Been getting chronic indigestion since before the the accident so today i went to see the quack about it figuring they would say it was the 6months of omeprazole and painkillers having left my guts in a bit of confusion.

She starts by asking about family history....so i tell her my mum had bowel cancer that went on holiday in just about every vital organ by the end.

Quack immediately asked if i've been screened and i havent so i'm booked in for this afternoon for yet another bleeding session. I'm beginning to see why i got so few volunteers for my dissertation experiment.

My bet is it's a nasty little gut infection called helicobacter pylori, which likes to burrow into your intestinal lining and irritate the surrounding tissue. Your stomach tries to kill it like it does everything else - nuking it with more acid. Only H pylori doesnt mind acid AND is lurking behind the alkaline secretions of your intestines which stop you digesting yourself. Horrible little bastard often shows up after a good dosing of antibiotics which leave you vulnerable to new infections in the gut.

I may have written a paper or two on that little fuckstain. Never thought i'd be hoping to have it, but considering the alternative...
Fingers crossed for me eh? (i hesitate to say "touch wood" for obvious reasons)

I'm now off to take a shite and scrape a bit into a pot so they can test for it.

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