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The fuel bowl is quite big.

July 31 2012 at 12:08 PM

rex  (Login thestinkiestbob)

Response to what about....

I have often wondered just how far I can get on a fuel bowl alone. I'd probably only have to pump any fuel into it every few miles. I could carry a little plastic bottle of fuel strapped to my ankle.

I could fit a little propeller on the fuel bowl that runs a very small mechanical pump to do away with any unnecessary manual labor whilst riding.

Hey- an idea!

My engine actually has a fitting for a two stroke oil pump but I just don't use them anymore. Got about 20 of them lying around in perfect condition. Have used them in the past for pumping water and alcohol into the engine with two stroke oil premixed in the tank.

Normally they live behind a cover just in front of the kickstart, next to my left foot, fed from a 1 litre oil tank down by the rear footpeg with a little output hose going over the back of the engine to a hole in the crank case that I block off since I mix in the tank now, but I could just run the little oiler line to the fuel bowl instead. Would make a lovely little mechanical pump.

I'm pretty sure at full whack they do pump enough to keep the fuel bowl filled just fine. And I have another top for my fuel bowl that has an extra pipe that could be a return line back to the tank so the pump didn't overpower the ball bearing fuel valve at the float.

Maybe I could get a Buell swingarm to use as a fuel tank. That's where they carry their oil apparently. Should be big enough for decent fuel capacity on my bike. Then I could take my tank off completely for less weight, giving the bike a more streamlined cafe racer look (with appropriate Renthal bars of course).

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