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NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

December 17 2009 at 6:24 AM
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Congratulations to Matt O'Connor Goalie -Upper Canada CCHL
Julian Melchiori LD- Newmarket CCHL

Cohen Adair CL Straford MWJHL

Colin Campbell LW Vaughan CJHL
Alex Guptil LW Brampton CJHL
Aaron Pearce LW Georgetown CJHL
Stephen Hickey RW Oakville CJHL
Brock Higgs CL Kingston CJHL
Joel Vienneau Goalie Kingston CJHL

Christian Hilbrich C.WL (6'6" 192) WENATCHEE NAHL


B Players





C Players


C Goaltenders


Plus the kids from the OHL

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

December 17 2009, 12:59 PM

Take a peek folks you will see the top 210 if the draft was tomorrow.

The NHL is 7 rounds with 30 teams for a total of 210 chosen.

I see many kids moving up the list and others falling off all together. But it is fun to speculate.

It is harder to speculate on the D-men as it seems like they take longer to develop in the OHL and stats don't seem to have much impact. On the contrary the stats mean everything to the forwards and goalies. This is difficult for guys are weak teams that rarely score, Sarnia, Sudbury, Niagara etc. vs team like Miss. Barrie, Windsor, Kitchener who have won games 9-1 etc.

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

December 21 2009, 2:16 PM 

5 kids on the list from the 92 JR CNDS. That would be pretty impressive for 5 kids from one Minor Midget team to actually make it to the show. In a few years we may be seeing a bunch of reports on this "hockey factory" If any of the reporters actually does some homework the report could be a real eye opener to those who do not follow minior hockey.

I suspect some reporter or columnist already has the article written, just needs the draft day details to substantiate their claims about the "evils" of minor hockey.

The contrarian viewpoint, again this article is probably written as well, will be a promotion of the JRC's organization, again simply waiting for the draft day details to substantiate their claim.

One draft, 2 viewpoints, which is more valid? The formation of a "best of breed" team vs stay home and play in your local area. Pros, 5 kids drafted in the top 300 (based on the mock draft list) Cons, probably casued some of the smaller local programs from where some of the kids were from to suffer, and as a result not get the attention the other players from their local area may have deserved. May have caused other kids in other areas to try and make it on a team with a higher profile.

I do not have the answer, I just want the discussion to occur.

In my simple opinion, all minor hockey organizations should be done away with, Let kids play high school hockey. This would keep all of the so called Junior hockey players in school until at least the end of grade 12, with no need to up and move to some far off place to complete grades 11 and 12 while playing OHL hockey. If High School hockey were the only game in town, the calibre would be much better, the games could be just as the GTHL games are now at night in the bigger venues, and the various board of educations could schedule games around exams and other school priorities. Do not change the gate fee rates, simply make ALL schools share the revenues, but ensure that these revenues are going towards the hockey program at the school. I firmly believe that high school hockey in Ontario could become as big as high school football is in Texas.( I have been in that environement as well, it seems to work)

As with minor sports in the USA, the step up the ladder would be high school, junior hockey or college hockey, Pro. What is wrong with letting our hockey players mature in their local environment?

Why do we need to see 18 year old in the NHL? Let the 18-20 crowd complete at the World juniors, the World Championships and the Olympics. All teams could be run in the same manner as the currentl world junior team. Scout the highschools, have a selection camp, and then move on with tournament. Again all of this could be funded by the revenues at the games and the fees paid for each participant at the high school level.

Is everyone in agreement with moving a kid away from home at 15 just to play hockey? I am sure there are plenty of positive experiences that these kids have but, for the most part I would guess the majority end up with a neutral or negative experience.

Perhaps I am too simple minded in my approach and I should not argue with the current system, it seems to be creating some very good players at the NHL level. I have rambled long enough, my last point would be,

For every NHL hockey player the "system" has created, how many others has it left with various life altering ailments such as, drug or drinking problems, school drop outs, or one of many "mental issues"? 10, 100 , 1,000, more? I do not know, but I can only assume it is higher based on those I now know in the over 40 year old age group.

I would guess that most who have come through the "system" have adjsted to a "normal" life after Junior/minor hockey of the 9-5 job, paying the bills and raising the kids which is great. I just do not see the need to disrupt the growth of a "child" at the age of 15 by moving him out of his home environment.

Happy Holidays to all.

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

December 21 2009, 5:30 PM 

"I just do not see the need to disrupt the growth of a "child" at the age of 15 by moving him out of his home environment."

this also means NO Culver, Shattuck, Avon, Taft, Exeter, Taft, Salisbury programs etc. right?

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Breakdown by Team

February 8 2010, 5:16 AM 

92 JRC's have 5, Compuware 92's have 5... what about the others? Anybody have a count for the Marlies, Nats, etc?

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

February 8 2010, 5:21 AM 

NHL Central Scouting Midterm Rankings are here, A little different order than the other site, but most of the same names.

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

February 15 2010, 8:59 AM 

85 Canadiens had 4 drafted to the NHL and 1 sign as a free agent.Anthony Stewart,Brent Burns,Daniel Carcillo and Luciano Aquino were all drafted and Geoff Platt signed as a free agent.They had 4 players playing at 1 time, 2 or 3 years back in the show but it didn't last.Burns and Carcillo are the only 2 up now.

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

February 25 2010, 9:16 PM 

let the leafs watch you don't have to. And when I get hungry I eat peanut butter sandwhiches with bananas...stay hungry my firneds.

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

July 11 2010, 11:51 PM 

85 Canadiens were Mr Hyman and Mr Shapiros team- so was the 92 Canadiens.
Proves the point that these 2 guys knew what they were doing and made a huge impact on minor hockey. Mr Hyman still doing good things with Hamilton Red Wings- lots of scholly, kids drafted to the show... all playing for free!

92 Canadiens drafted:
J Skinner
J McFarland
D Smith Pelly
T Toffoli
Z Hyman

I know some of the kids left the program and some joined later but heck they were part of that 92 Cdn team at some point!
Pretty darn tootin' good eh!

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Re: NHL Watch List for the 2010 draft

July 12 2010, 6:59 PM 

Phukk Hyman
Phukk Shapiro

and Phukk You

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