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Monday, 18 March 2013
New HM Blog Site

We have been working on a place where everyone can go and find what they need about heading into the Outdoors in Southeastern Michigan. We put many Links to different Outdoor Groups there. We gathered many facts and details about our state and posted them there. We put Links to some of the very Coolest Outdoor Groups, Birders, geocachers and Mushroom Hunters in S.E.Michigan.
The site is also an extension of the Hiking Michigan NewsLetter. Since the NewsLetter is released quarterly, in-between issue we get many articles that never make the final quarterly issues. So we will be using this new Blog site as a running Hiking Michigan Outdoor NewsLetter site as well.
BE MICHIGAN OUTDOORS is what we call the new site. If you want to write or Post something there, please contact us for a key to do so at will. Otherwise, please let us know what you would like to see more info on, at the site. It will always be a Blog in progress, as we continue to update the Organizations and Groups listed there, and also write about many different outdoor activities YOU want to learn more about.

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012
Ice CLEATS Reviewed

Over at the Hiking North/Central Blog, Mark wrote up a nice review of his collection of Ice Cleats, for Winter. Many of you maybe familar with the old Yak-Trax for the bottom of your boots. But you might be amazed at just what is available for better traction in icy winter conditions. Mark put together a very nice review of what is out there. You can read his Blog posting at: http://hikingnorthcentralmichigan.wordpress.com/

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Friday, 26 October 2012
2012 Heronry Nesting Report

Well I finally got to writing up a report on the Holland Ponds Heronries in Shelby Twp. It was another banner year for the Great Blue Herons. Even with tree losses, that took over 6 nests, the front and rear nesting sites increased from 39 nests in 2011, to 44 nests in 2012. Many new or replaced nests in the rear Heronry. Read the full report on the Blog at this link:

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Save the Planet 100 Square Feet at a Time Native Plant Sale

I have access to a fairly large number of native plants (66 species in all) that I can sell and fall is an excellent time to plant. Weather conditions are cooler, the ground is st
ill warm, and rain is more reliable.

Here is how it works:

Price per plant is $1.50 plus tax, a great deal for retail sales. Minimum order quantity is 5 plants per species. Cash or check only.
Plants will be in a tapered plug, 2.25 at the top and 4.75 deep. For those of you who know, this is the plug from a 38 deep tray. There will be no pot or container, just the plant and its root ball. Come with a plastic bag to carry plants.
You must pre-order what you want by sending me an email at dlathin@gmail.com or calling 734-717-8000. I must have your order by August 30.
You must commit to what you order because I wont buy from my source any more than I am selling. If you back out, I will track you down.
Pick up is Saturday, September 8, between 1:00 and 3:00 at 24291 Homestead Dr., Novi, 48374 or by special arrangement
See spreadsheet for a list of species available species and plant specs.https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoCq52c43PEVdFZ0bk4yUHBFVzg3MjZ0Q245Q0ozOUE#gid=0

Spread the word to your friends who may be interested. Call 734-717-8000 or write dlathin@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

Check out the List and ordering details here:

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012
Mushroom Seminar

Time changed from 3:00 to 1:00
Please note the time change.

August 5, 2012 - Phil Tedeschi
Program: Michigan Mushrooms - By the Season.

The seminar is being held at Bass Pro Shops located at 4000 Baldwin Rd, Auburn Hills, MI.

The program begins at 1:00 PM and will be presented in the store's seminar room.

For more information contact Phil Tedeschi at (734) 355-0359 or philt@umich.edu

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Sunday, 27 May 2012
Poson Ivy

This is again, a banner year for Poison Ivy. It is thriving just about everywhere. What many people do not realize is that Poison Ivy not only grows as a ground plant, but can turn into a small bush or vine up the side of a tree. In fact, it is these vines that cling to the sides of trees, that most often get to us.
Your walking down the trail.....there is a short vine extending out from a tree a foot or so into the trail....we use our hand to brush or hold this vine to the side as we pass by. We just brushed aside Poison ivy. before we know it, we slapped away a "Skeeter" from biting and just spread the Poison Ivy juices and rash. This is a very common scenario for getting Poison Ivy.
Something else to remember is that Poison Ivy can leave it's infective oils on your boots or clothing for quite some time. So......you have been Hiking for a bit, and you have stepped off the trail a few times to take a picture of one of the wild flowers you have passed by. As you continue down the trail, you notice your boot lace has untied, so you stop and retie your boots. But.......when you stepped off the trail earlier to take those pictures, you stepped through some Poison Ivy. It did'nt matter then, because you had long pants on and socks, inside an ankle high boot. But when you stopped to etie your boot laces, the oils from the Poison Ivy you had stepped through earlier, had remained on the outer parts of your boots and pants. You re-tied your boots, and also got some of that Poison Ivy oil on your hands. Again.....You got it without even trying. Many times this is just how most people have their first encounters with poison Ivy.
Knowing how to ID Poison Ivy and also adding a few precautions to your actions while out on the Trails can decrease yopus possibilities of getting it, tremendously.
1. Be careful what vines or branches you just push aside while out on the trails. It maybe Poison Ivy, or have the vine growing on it.
2. If you have to retie your boot laces while out on the trail, be prepared to wash your hands well afterwards or clean them with alcohol.
3. learn to ID Poison Ivy. The old saying of, "Leaves of three, let it Be" is not enough. The vast majority of plants have leaves of three. There are some tips you can follow to be much better able to ID Poison Ivy.
Watch the Video Link below and get an idea on how to do this.

[linked image]
Poison Ivy growing up a Tree

[linked image]
Poison Ivy as ground cover

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012
Janet Hug Photography

Our very own Jent Hug, from the "Birding S.E.MI." of the Hiking Michigan NewsLetter, will have her many beautiful photos on display, this saturday evening in Royal Oak. Stop in for some Coffee or Tea and browse some of her finest works. Jent is one of the very best outdoor/Bird photographers in our state. She has a special way of getting in close like you have never seen before. Get more details at this Link:

[linked image]

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Thursday, 12 April 2012
CAR CAMPING Info sheets

The HM Car Camping Crew will be at Holly Recreation area this Saturday, 4/14/12, assisting with the Lakeshore Trails work. After the Campfire Lunch following the Trails work, all are invited over to the ORG. Campground for a Car Camping program.

The Crew will have a car set up and packed to go, as well as equipment on the grounds for you to examine. If you have never been Camping before, a Car Camping expedition is a great way to begin. All this means is that you will head up to one of our Michigan state park Campgrounds, pull your loaded car into one of the Campsites, and set up for the weekend.

Pretty simple.especially if you have some of the tips and tricks we have put together in our INFO sheets here. As well as a CHECK LIST of what to bring along, there are many tips from years of experienced individuals, who have found out the hard way, what are the easy ways to have the most enjoyable Car Camping experience.

So if you get a chance this Saturday, come on out, do a little Trails maintenance, relax afterwards around the Campfire with tons of food available, and then check out the Camping Crews Program at the ORG. Campground. We will be doing this Program again, from time to time, so that those of you who have not Camped before, can join us with the new North/Central Hiking group in the northern regions of our state. This would in some cases, require you to Camp some place, over the weekend.

Download the Car Camping Info sheets here: http://www.hikingmichigan.com/PDFinfo/CarCamping.pdf

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Since the Hiking Michigan Outdoor NewsLetter is an open format publication, it means that all our members are invited to write an article or contribute some photography for each issue. We are currently working on the Spring issue, due out the first couple of weeks in May.
Our last two issues got over 15,000 download/reads on-line. We have some pretty good regular writers and photographers, but there is never enough. So we ask you members to contribute as often as you desire. Want a regular column? That is possible as well.
Send in your article or photos and we will get them to be a part of what IS your NewsLetter. Join us. We all are interested in your experiences and outdoor knowledge. Share them with fellow members here with the HM NewsLetter.

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012
HERONS on the nests....Already!

The largest Great Blue heron nesting site is located in Macomb county at a Shelby Twp. park called Holland Ponds. Each year, hundreds of pairs of Great Blue herons return from their Winter grounds down in Flrida and South America, to mate and rear their young.
Normally some of the earliest arrivals at the heronry, will start to claim the best nests in mid to late March. With the very odd winter we have had here in Michigan, this time-clock has obviously been adjusted, since already in late february, there has been 7 herons claiming nests at the heronry at Holland Ponds.
Holland Ponds Great Blue heronry is split up into two seperate nesting sites. The original nesting area located near Ryan road is down to around 12 nests. The remaing 27 nests are at the newest parts of the Heronry, and located in the more secluded western sections of the Park, along the Clinton river.
Stop out at the park and see these magnificent birds in person, as they choose their nests and mates for the 2012 mating season. remember to keep your distance there. Herons are very skidish critters, and will abandon their nests if harassed or bothered to closely. Enjoy these beautiful birds from a safe distance, through Video cameras and binoculars.
Holland Ponds Park is a Shelby Twp. Park, located at 22 mile rd. and Ryan roads. The Burgess-Shadbush nature Center, located at River Bends Park looks after the heronry at Holland Ponds. Stop in at the Nature Center for Park Maps and detailes abou the herons and the many other species that call Holland Ponds Home and their nesting sites for each season.

Download a Holland Ponds park map here:

[linked image]

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