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September 21 2001 at 10:44 PM
Lokishadow  (no login)
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Response to It Is All A Matter of Trust: Who is up for an MMORPG and why or why not?


Hmmm....I dunno. Is it worth $10 a month? Well, if it will last longer than my D2 obsession (6 months) yeah. I crave a game that stresses role-playing, because role-playing is variant territory by default. As I understand role-playing from my 16 year D&D experience, it means to take a less-than-ideal character build and turn it into a personality, instead of a collection of stats, thus making the game fun to play.

Will Blizz be able to hack it server-side? They'd better. With something like 20 million a month coming in (if all the Diablo players buy it and sign up) then they'd better get they're server priotities straightened out fast. If Blizz makes a MMORPG and uses the bnet servers, they'll lose a huge following.

The hell with your system...what about mine? a 633 Celeron, stock intel on-board AGP, no AGP slot, an AC '97 sound controller, and 320 RAM....I hope that'll work. It works with Darkstone, which says it needs a 4 meg video card, but what about all this other cool stuff? There are lots of games I'd like to get, but I don't know if my puter will support them, and I can't afford $100 just so I can play a $50 game. I want stuff with low reqs. But, unfortunately, I'm not the die-hard gamer in terms of hardware. My priorities are all messed up...I'd rather buy some razor blades and get my wheels aligned than buy a video card. :) j/k

End result: I will try the game if Blizz comes out with a MMORPG. If it sucks, blizz will forever lose my business, unless Elric can talk me out of it.

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