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ANswers for FoS Sorceress

October 10 2001 at 7:30 AM
Occhidiangela  (Login ilbrutto)
from IP address

Response to A couple questions

I might be interested. I've played some hardcore in single play but haven't played on realms in quite some
time (just started up again yesterday in fact) so I'm not hugely familiar with dealing with lag in HC, but
otherwise I should be good to go. I'm used to missle
characters so a sorc should be fine for me, but here's
some questions any potential joiner would (should) want
to know:

1) What's the pacing of the game?

We actually use tactics. Taunt is a real favorite around huge crowds, particularly when lag is a bit high.

"Gogogogo" is out.

The "Where the Hell is the Airhead" tactic is quite popular. We do not do full clears, per se, but do kill monsters where and when we need to in order to get the quests and to clear local areas.

Do you guys try to zip through as quickly as possible, ignoring as many monsters as possible as they nip at your heels, or are you more methodical about luring them to safe spots etc. and proceeding at a calmer pace?

The latter: more methodical. HC, and connections as lame as mine, demand that.

2) What kind of sorceress are you looking for?

One who does not die often, and who knows how to stay out of the way of Frenzytaurs.

Do you want one that matches the abilities of your previous sorc or is it an anything goes deal?

One who matches the team. Kissy was SF and Frost Nova, with a little GS thrown in. her BUild was not complete however, and I am not sure how darkangel intended to finish that off. We would need to consult with you on what the best build would be for LoD, our builds were initially made for Pre LoD. There is room to adjust.

Where are the gaps in the elemental coverage of the rest of the team?

At present there are not gaps, as our builds are still in progress. However, Spicer was going to be an MS Amazon, and may have to switch to Strafe and IA or FA.
As she is only 22, we can look into that, or keeping her as an MS wench with GA as a back up.

3) What's your policy on twinking?

In general, none. With a simple exception. While Duriel was still giving Uber Drops, we allowed a modest gift from a goon of appropriate level upon the death of

Duriel // Mephy // Diablo, since there is usually only on uber drop and there were four of us.

That will no longer be necessary, IMO, as the uber drop system seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit, and there are Rune Words available, as well as crafting, socketing . . .

I personally prefer to avoid it entirely, but regardless of my preference, the group would be ill-served by someone who was too weak or strong due to the quality of their gear (even a skill-dependent sorc.)

Well, zero twink works for me, enough bloody orbs drop that you are bound to get one that will enhance your skills.

4) Supposing I wanted to play another character other than a sorc (hmm... Necro -> Terror ) would that be acceptable to your team?

I don't see why not. Hawkmoon and Celtic Hound have a vote, so we will need to consider all options for this undertaking.

Hope that answered your questions.


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