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That info is wrong

December 6 2001 at 9:02 AM
Dr Douglass  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Quick Act III Merc Question

Plain and simple. The Rogue's lightning hose is short ranged. Sorcies lightning skill has a range of 81. (Tile spaces) The hose has a range of 5 IIRC. The .txt file bit, as far as I can tell, is a sloppy guess. Me personally, I dunno. I think it is an intentional easter egg. Rogues were the least used mercs at one time, and now, cause of the hose, they are standard issue for melee classes to kill PIs.

No other merc, stand alone, not counting auras, etc etc etc, can measure up to the Rogue now for sheer damage output. Barb mercs and town guards, while they can be brutal, lack elemental punch. The Rogue on the other hand, with slight adjustments, can produce heavy fire damage, medium cold damage, and cataclysmic lightning damage.

Interesting note on Fire Arrow Rogues. Like the Might Mercs of act 2, they never stop gaining skill levels. All other mercs cap out at level 17 for skills.

For pure damage, Fire Iron wolves come in at a close second, and, over time, I believe they can do more damage in some situations, given the right conditions, than even a well equipped rogue, but, these are perfect conditions lacking immunity, where, even the rogue can loose out. Inferno does 170 to 182 damage per second at level 17, and, with +8 skills, Hexfire, Volcanic circlet, Shroud, and a Sigons, a level 25 Inferno is 257 to 270 per second, and has a range of over 15 yards, meaning a full screen and a half, and fireball at level 25 is 277 to 285. The fire Iron Wolf has the most consistant damage out of the three. For a point of reference, Cold and Lightning mercs have problem getting skills. +6 is their top end, but, if you do that to the Lightning mage, you will screw him over. Lightning Iron Wolves have special equipment needs. (They need lots of IAS and fast cast) So, but, for numbers, +6 for cold and lightning.

Ice Blast is 318 damage Gspike is 192 to 200.

Charged bolt is 25 bolts 16 to 18 damage. With out fast cast, this becomes totally useless.Lightning is 1 to 332.

So why is the fire one more damaging you ask? Ice Blast damage looks king! Well, Fire merc's Inferno is damage per second, and, they commonly fire in 8 to 12 second bursts, meaning, a TON of damage. As I mentioned, I plan to have a write up on mercs soon. I am still working out little details, and I need some people to help me test stuff, pain stuff, like rogues shooting them with arrows, awareness radius, I need people to be targets and let mercs pound them into pudding.

Also in that article, mercs, magic find, and you. How to make it a working reality :P

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