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Succession game!

December 20 2001 at 6:25 AM
Charis  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Civ 3 Questions (OT)

Ok, despite being a Civ3 newb and never having organized one, I'm going to get a succession game going

Seems we got me, Sirian, Jaffa, Hocus showing interest, and Cy needing affirmation that unless he's downright self-destructive, it would be great to have him give this a try as well. (Sorta like IM Cy... tactics are very distinct from other rogues, but they come in handy at times, and there's just something cool about a team effort. One post on CivFan says "So when you have a bunch of different players with different styles playing, the fun begins .......

Judging SOLELY from reading a few games at CivFanatics, a team size of 5 is just about right, although 4 (or 6 with no unreliables around) works too. Due to the easy posting, we'll be carrying out the actual game via the CivFanatic site, in the Succession forum (

Just a few questions for those wanting to play...
1) What time limit between moves? Perhaps the next player in the chain has 36(24??) hrs to respond "Got it"/"I have to skip this round" and 36 hrs after that to play it and post (or 48 total?).
2) Any strong preference for map type or options? Standard size, 4 Mill, panagaea, 6 other civs, restless/raging, or something like that?
3) What style are y'all? Bloodhungry folks (we'll do Iroquois or Aztecs), Pious Scientists (Babs), or a mixture of everything as the situation dictates (Greeks?) Or take a random civ? Opponents? Probably all random?
4) Player turn length?
- 1st round: 20 turns
- 2nd/3rd rounds: 15 turns
- 10 turns from 4th round on (This 'final' value depends on the amount of time folks have to play vs how long folks take to take their turn. Fast play/slow turnaround suggests more turns, not much time to play/fast turnaround suggests few turns)
5) Difficulty. Big question :P Seems Regent or Monarch would be good choice for first. (I've not tried Monarch yet, but am doing a swimmingly good job on Regent atm). Also, all victory conditions, or should some be disallowed?

Regardless of what you do in your own games, "no reload" will be expected for this succession game. All players must live with the consequences of ALL moves :o

Plz give feedback asap so we can start -- we've got some weekend and holiday time ahead of us, so it would be good to get started right away! (If no response I'll make choices, but would prefer feedback)


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    1. Hi Zed - Charis on Dec 26, 2001, 9:12 AM
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