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Also, Paladin Auras

February 12 2002 at 12:59 PM
Dr Douglass  (no login)
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Response to thanks! (vlong)


I am still thinking on this one, but, I can think of one Aura. Conviction. Drow have an inate ability to cause fear, making the enemy falter. (This is greatly multiplied to surface elves)

Thorns might also work if it was looked at as Martyr's Shield. Holy freeze... Mass hold person?

Adamantite (Spelling here?) is a natural conductor of electricity. Holy shock? If a Pally was to use Auras in a Drow context, it would have to be auras that would effect him and him alone, or, effect his enemies. Nothing like Fanatism or things that would effect a whole party.

Also, with Necromancers, as Drow, they would never ever summon a fire elemental. Drow are aligned with earth. Flesh golems are summoned for some tasks, but, most commonly Earth Elementals or Steel or Adamantite Golems are created. Any Drow that summoned a bright flaming living ball of fire would become a pariah for bringing brightness and light into the homeland, and, Mr Sparky's fire aura would attract to much attention. Rogue Wizards are HATED by Drow, almost as much as traitors. (Like Drizzit) Wizards poking around in the wrong sorts of spheres are quickly hunted down and dispatched.

Also, one other thing. Fire resistance items should not be worn by Drow. Resist all would be fine, but, specific fire resistant items would be counter productive for Drow's natural weakness and fear or fire. On the other hand, Drow should look for as many Lightning resist or Lightning absorb items they could get their hands on.

Drow are very fond of magical masks when visiting the surface world. Even Drizzit wore an enchanted mask that altered his face, his skin tone, and his general appearance. I can't remember the name of it for the life of me though.

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