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And, again, you miss the point.

April 11 2002 at 10:53 PM
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Response to Perhaps, just perhaps. Shall we try, or just judge first.



One entity asks for a GUT, the other writes a couple of equations and then it is up to the first to show they work or not. But, if the equations are something the asker can understand, then they aren't much further along than he's been. And if they are something the asker can't understand, then he can't do anything with them. So it doesn't matter if the answer is advanced science or bull.

So, the problem you pose is nonsense, for what I said above applies to any answer to any question, or jut knowledge tossed at us. If what we are told is testable by us, then it is at best an increment of our knowledge. And if not testable, then we don't know if we're being dazzled or baffled. Thus, neither way does it meet your criteria.

I posted this first time with the impression that this would be interesting. I post now with the feeling i have intruded on a private party.

There is interesting speculation and uninteresting speculation. Interesting: "would life have developed on Earth if the Moon wasn't present?" Uninteresting: "what if the moon were really made of green cheese?" It's not a private party, but it does have pretty high standards.


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