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May 30 2002 at 4:28 PM
Pete  (Login --Pete)
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Response to About the endless journey


Looked at one way, "the journey" puts human existence into a continuum. Our forebears passed a little down to us, we pass a little along to the next group, and they pass a little, and so on. If this process is coherently, or perhaps I should say uninterrupted, the depth of "our" aggregate wisdom grows continually.

OK, I'm with you so far (I hope). I'd say "knowledge" rahter than "wisdom". One is increasing with passing generations, but I'm not sure that a wise man today is any wiser than his far distant ancestor.

What strikes me about the "self based" point of view, including the ones including premises that one's soul is the eternal part, is that it limits a lot of the journey to the span of a life time, which in geological time scales is about as long as the popping of a bubble of soap.

Still with you, I think. Each individual's part in the journey is limited to one life time. Or, if one accepts reincarnation of some kind and says that the "individual" transcends death, then each individual's awarness is limited to one life time. And yes, that is a short time, for a mountain. But it is a very long time for a muon. That's part of why we understand our crops better than we understand mountains or muons. Our crops live long enough for us to observe them, but we have the chance to see many cycles of them in one life time.

The adage that "one's immortality is represented by one's children" starts to resonate when one looks at human life, or human existence, as a continuum. For some reason, that runs into some problems in any number "self based" belief systems, atheism and Satanism included.

You've just totally lost me between the first and second sentence. So maybe I didn't understand the previous two paragraphs. Perhaps you can clarify.

However, in passing, the basic idea of The Selfish Gene is that one's immortality is in the future generations that carry your genetic makeup. That includes your children. It also includes members of your (extended) family, members of your tribe, members of your nation, members of your species. The sequence is in decreasing order of just how much of your genetic makeup they represent. But I think that goes beyond what you are discussing.


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