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June 6 2002 at 5:29 AM
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Perhaps a poor comparison, but we DID have a major climate shift about 12,000 years ago when the Ice Age ended. It took one heck of a long time to see plants re-colonize and move northwards. (E.C. Pielou: After the Ice Age - The Return to Life of Glaciated North America) Question back at you? Do we have that much time to allow for it to happen? My preference would be to avoid the problem in the first place, if possible.

Heh, trying to prove that Humans are the masters of all and everything we want done we can, regardless of what we may break trying to be helpful?

Who's to say that even if we reduced man-made pollution levels to zero that the climate wouldn't shift from some natural reason or another anyway? I don't think man was developed enough during the last ice-age to cause or change what happened yet it still occured. Or do you propose that man somehow caused that as well? :D

You're missing my point. Sure we should do some things to ensure our factories don't belch black smoke continiously, but who are we to try to force mother nature to speed up a process in the first place? Remember your example of how people tried to help with the old growth forests by extinguishing the fires that naturally occur anyway until a fire started that did MUCH more damage than it should have? If people hadn't interfered then the forests would have burnt a little and suprred new growth. Instead massive amounts of forests were killed, why? Because people whoi didn't know all the facts, tried to do something half-assed.

The whole point I am trying to make is that sure, we should try not to impact everything hugely, but neither should we assume that we can control everything, because we can't because we don't know how everything works and fit's together, if we did we could easily make new wetlands with perfect eco-systems, or any other habitat that was needed.

The amusing thing is that the developed countries have already gone through the worst of their growth curves, IMHO, because they already had the coal burning plants and unregulated pollution and waste by-products. Now much of this is regulated, at least here int he US, but who regulates those poorer countries that are just entering the Industrial age? No one from what I can tell, and that's the problem, IMHO.

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