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You are now just making noise

June 6 2002 at 9:15 AM
Occhi  (no login)
from IP address

Response to Feh

Who got the lead out of gasoline? The US took the lead. Just a few years ago, when I lived in Italy. Lovely Eurpean nation that it is, most of the cars ran on leaded gas. As in France. And Spain. What is nice to see is that more newer cars were required to be made for unleaded gas. Progress, one little step at a time. Or should I whine that they were great polluters since it did not "happen yesterday?"

But who took the lead?

The US.

Who took the lead in superconductor research, which is aimed at reducing heat and reducing power requirements?
Look at the long term benefits when, or if, that research comes to fruition.

in short, back off, you are just spouting off with a whole lot of anti-American rhetoric. And I getting bloody sick of that rot. You are now being insulting to my turf, and I am not going to let it pass.

I have lived in, and visited a heck of a lot of The Third World. Ever been to Mexicali? The first thing I noticed when I first visited there was THE STENCH of chemicals and the gross diesel fumes of the public transport. Ever been to Alexandria, Egypt? Try Izmir, Turkey. Mombassa, Kenya. Not gonna start about China, where my brother visits frequently.

Let me tell you something: We are cleaner. And, of course, we can become even cleaner. (I am personally disgusted by the SUV trend, different subject related to this one.)

Now, that improvement did not happen by accident. It has taken a strong, active, and energetic environmental movement to help paint the picture. Good on them, particularly when they stick to science. The tension is part of the process, part of the balance.

In my lifetime, recycling has gone from a novelty of hippies to a very well accepted practice. Of course, my dad learned recycling in WW II and particpated in many a scrap metal drive to support the war effort as a boy. Old news to him. It has been socialized, though it sickens me that such socialization is not universal. Seems that the more educated one is, the more one wants to recycle.

Your youth prevents you from actually having experienced the state of play in 1970. We took action, on a national level, to fix that mess. You have no idea how much the state of play has improved. I will point to Pittsburgh as my favorite example, since I have been there any number of times over a 30 year period. That town has cleaned up its act. Efforts can pay off, but it can take a generation to start to see the effects.

Take your "greedy US is to blame for all of our problems" attitude and park it at the door. Maybe you would rather be spending Reichsmarks, or Rubles, instead of Canadian dollars. Maybe you would rather the US sdopted the model of the developing world and just kept on raping the land without constraint.

You are just making a lot of noise.

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