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If you'd bothered to read his speech...

June 25 2002 at 3:33 PM
Roland *The Gunslinger*  (Login Roland *The Gunslinger*)
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Response to Well, Alianna is now lvl 3...'d know he was raised by his human mother, thus his above-average Orcish intelligence.

But, yes, he IS rather well spoken for a Half-Orc. Even one who's grown up around humans. But, then there's that whole "nobility" thing about him, so maybe it's a predestined thing. Personally, I like the big lug, but I don't use him. Since I like to play Rangers and Druids alot, I need someone who can open locks and whatnot. Since Tomi doesn't seem to DETECT traps, I find that summoning a Dire Wolf works wonders (very good trap-detecting abilities). And then there's the task of getting good old Tomi to disable it.

Despite how frustrating it is, I LOVE how Tomi can look at a trap and decide "yay" or "nay" as to whether he can disable it or not. VERY realistic, IMO. Adds nicely to the "one merc, not controllable by PC" feel which, despite ALOT of criticism (by morons, no less. One actually quoted saying that Blizzard, of all things, is a "REAL software company". I kid you not), makes the experience that much more realistic. Now, if they could only fix the goddamn AI (not JUST pathfinding, mind you. There are other AI problems as well, and no less frustrating. I sat and fought against 4 prisoners in the Peninsula District while my trusty animal companion, Ms. Brown Bear, stood offscreen, and refused to come to my aid. Having then summoned a Dire Boar to aid me, IT wouldn't help the fight, either, until I finally slew one of the prisoners. And good old Tomi got caught on a fallen brick. Evidently walking around it was beyond his intelligence, so he just stood by amiably and watched. All in all, VERY frustrating. But, a Druid in Half Plate with a Large Shield and wielding a Scimitar does wonders against half-naked prisoners. ) problems, we'd be all set (in terms of the SP campaign. The Toolset and whatnot is a whole 'nother can of worms, let me tell you. Aye, nothing but bitching about this game, and the worst part is, alot of it is warranted).

Right now I have my Ranger / Druid Archer Mini-Mage in Chapter 2, having just cleared the caves. I've put him on hold to levelup aforementioned Druid (straight Druid), to bring them to about the same place in the game eventually. We shall see how things go. The nice thing is, you can take a freshly made character and start him off in Chapter One, or Chapter Two. Mayhap I'll have to try that sometime. 'Twould be good for a challenge, at least.

Aye, this game is quite enjoyable, but it has its fair share of problems. I have much more faith in Bioware than I do in Blizzard, however, so we shall see if my faith is truly warranted. Time will tell.

Roland The Gunslinger
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